90RV-J Gas engine

986,99 CAD $
Super strong two stroke 90ccm class gas engine with procesor controlled ignition unit.
This engine is based on famous 80RV-J , but it has many changes in crankcase, crankshaft, piston, and cylinder cooling surface bringing the best power you can get in its class.
Fuel intake of this engine is managed by rotary valve which contrary to the usual reed valve system allows much more precise controll over the timing and same time brings much longer lifetime without need to change reed valves.
  • Displacement: 92 ccm
  • Weight: 2050g
  • Bore: 50,5 mm
  • Stroke: 46 mm
  • RPM range: 1000-8500RPM
  • Ignition unit: Processor controlled 4,8-7V
  • Fuel mixture(N95oil): 1:35
  • Recommended twinblade propellers: 26x14, 27x12, 28x12
  • Recommended three blade propellers: 26x12,27x10-12


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Pays Czech Republic
Marque ZDZ