Hitec Extension 36 inches HD Wires

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                This is a Heavy Duty 36" Servo Extension with                  
                    Hitec-S, JR, Airtronics-Z Connectors.                      
This extension goes between the receiver and the servo to make the wire longer.
             On one end of the wire is a male connector and on the             
                 other end of the wire is a female connector.                  
FEATURES: Gold-plated teminals improve conductivity and prevent oxidation for  
            longer lifespan.                                                   
          Heavier, 20-gauge wire handles higher current loads.                 
INCLUDES: One 36" Long Servo Extension w/Hitec-S, JR, Airtronics-Z Style       
SPECS:    Wire Gauge: 20                                                       
          Wire Color Codes-                                                    
            JR-                 Hitec-              Airtronics Z-              
            Brown:  ground      Black:  ground      Black: ground              
            Red:    positive    Red:    positive    Red:   positive            
            Orange: signal      Yellow: signal      Blue:  signal
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