Monster Stick 150

1 899,99 CAD $

If you are  looking high performance precision acrobatic airplane kit to be assembled , ,freestyle, light and rigid, AMR Stick  is a way to go, the AMR stick acrobatic precision kit is the machine of your dream. Forget what you have heard about  other brands..Hard to build ? Land easily? well our acrobatic precision laser cut kit to be assembled are number one on the market. Many months of design, testing and experimentation brought about this exceptional  laser precision acrobatic cut model. The unique design enhances this precision acrobatic  aerodynamic airflow and control efficiency. To complement the unique AMR performance and CG precision design come with an instruction manual with lot of pictures. The Stick AMR is design  using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines and by our own skilled factory staff. In order to obtain uniform performance for each and every model produced,  AMR Precision Aerobatics design produces the planes with highly precise jigs.


  • Wingspan: 144"
  • Fuse length : 110"
  • Wing area: 4320 sq inches
  • Stab area: 880 sq inches
  • Plug-in wing and stab panels

Items included in the kit

  • Laser-cut parts for fuselage, wings and tail
  • Water-jet cut aluminum main landing gear
  • Inflatable 8 wheels
  • Tail wheel
  • 6061-T6 aluminum wing and stab plug-in tubes
  • Wing jigs
  • First quality hardware pack
  • Robart hinges, Sullivan horns

Items required but not included in the kit

  • Recommended Engine : 150 to 170cc
  • Radio system
  • Servos

View the building thread on Flying Giants.

Here's the big brother of our Giant Stick. This plane is very easy to build and fun to fly. Wing jigs is included and the fuselage is a jig by itself.

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