Radial 250cc 7 cylinders

5 855,99 CAD $
The Moki Radial 250cc gas engines (7 cylinders) is designed and optimized for model aircraft. Engine is manufactured using the latest technology, guaranteeing the highest quality engine. The motor has been developed to produce maximum power at relatively low RPM with high torque characteristics. It includes a state-of-the-art computerized electronic ignition system and runs on environmentally friendly unleaded petrol. The engine has been developed especially for the giant scale and aerobatic enthusiast.

  • 7 Cyl. Radial engine with 250 cc rear carburetor, mounted ring silencer,
  • Processor-controlled ignition with integrated ignition adjustment.
  • Ccm engine 252
  • Output approx. 14.5 HP
  • Weight 6500g
  • Recommended propeller: Two 32 x 18 men, Three blade 28 x 16; 30 x 16

  • Oil for this engine
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