Super Decathlon 42%

2 899,99 CAD $


  • Wing span: 165"
  • Fuse length: 108"
  • Wing area: 4 620 Sq. inches
  • Plug-in wing and stab panels

Items included in the kit

  • Laser-cut parts for fuselage, wings and tail
  • Fiberglass cowling
  • Fiberglass wingtip
  • Fiberglass wheel pants
  • Fiberglass dashboard
  • Water-jet cut aluminum main landing gear
  • 8 inches inflatable wheels and hubs
  • Tail wheel
  • Hardware pack
  • Robart hinges, Sullivan horns

Items required but not included in the kit

  • Recommended Engine : 150/210cc
  • Radio system
  • Servos

This Super Decathlon is ideal for the real giant scale enthusiast looking for an aerobat but can also be a gentle Sunday flyer at the same time. At normal throttle settings, it does all of the standard aerobatics as its full scale counterpart. At full throttle, it really tracks well and has a very good steady vertical climb. Its low wing loading makes it also quite stable and predictable on landings. View the Frank Tiano Super Decathlon Article on Model Airplane News

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View the building pictures by Richard Biron

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