Trainer 50

599,99 CAD $
  • Wingspan : 104
  • Fuse length : 80
  • Wing area: 2080 Sq. inches
  • Flying weight: 24 pounds
  • Stab length: 35 inches
  • Stab area : 420 Sq. inches
  • Plug-in wing

Items included in the kit
  • Laser-cut parts for fuselage, wings and tail
  • Water-jet cut aluminum main landing gear
  • Wheels
  • Tail wheel
  • 6061-T6 aluminum wing
  • Wing jigs
  • First quality hardware pack
  • Robart hinges, Sullivan horns

Items required but not included in the kit
  • Recommended Engine : 45cc to 62cc
  • Radio system
  • Servos

Conversion from gas to electric
The AMR trainer 50 can be convert from gas to electric as described below:
"I would like to thank AMR for helping us with the acquisition of out two newest tow planes which did a tremendous job towing sailplanes as heavy as 40 lbs this past weekend at our SKSS Aerotow. Here is a LINK to the RCGroups thread with coverage of the event showing how well these planes performed, in particular see post #27 where you can see my 25lb Trainer 50 with a Scorpion 5545-18 electric motor towing up the 40lb sailplane.

Both myself and Charlie Reeve are very impressed with both the design and flight performance of these planes and we are spreading the word so you should be receiving orders from several different locations here in the states."

Again, on behalf of myself, Charlie, and the SKSS club members, Thank you!

Antonio Nunez
SKSS Aerotow Contest Director

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