Waco 40%

4 299,00 CAD $
  • Wingspan : top wing: 142 in, bottom wing: 127 in (true scale airfoil)
  • Fuse length : 108
  • Wing area: 6 052 Sq. inches.
  • Wing loading: 22.8 ounces / square foot.
  • Cubic wing loading: 3.52. Values between 4 and 6 are sailplane/glider values.
  • Cowl diameter: 16
  • Plug-in wing and stab panels

Items included in the kit
  • Laser-cut parts for fuselage, wings and tail
  • Fiberglass cowling
  • Fiberglass Nose ring
  • Fiberglass Wheel pants
  • Fiberglass Wing filet
  • Fiberglass Fin fillet
  • Fiberglass Head rest
  • Fiberglass Hood
  • Water-jet cut aluminum main landing gear
  • Wheels
  • Tail wheel
  • 6061-T6 aluminum wing and stab plug-in tubes
  • Wing jigs
  • First quality Fastenal hardware pack
  • Robart hinges, Sullivan horns

Items required but not included in the kit
  • Recommended Engine: Moki 250 or 400cc, 5-cylinder radial engine, 200 to 275cc twin cylinder engines.
  • Radio system
  • Servos

Read the building review published in the Airborne magazine.

Assembly properties
  • This fuselage is unique
  • All parts are laser-cut (see Picture-Gallery page)
  • It is composed of a sandwich construction of Lite-ply and balsa (front section) and Lite-Ply (rear section)
  • Pre-cut top and bottom 1/4 Lite-Ply planking fit between both sides. You end up with a very strong box structure" and the rest is cosmetics.
  • Fuselage assembling is nine hours.
  • Impossible to build this fuselage crooked.
  • We have incorporated in the fuselage design a system to assemble it using encapsulated dowels and wood screws that serve to join the fuselage parts together while the epoxy cures.
  • These allow for perfect 90 degree parts-fit and ensure a true and strait fuselage. A further modernization from us.
  • All fuselage sides, top and bottom parts incorporate cavities in proper locations and identified with numbers for easy insertion of side formers.
  • Stringers on this design are for aesthetic purposes only.
  • Stab panels are "plug-in type for transport convenience. Proper stab incidence is factory set and jig supplied.
  • Stab mounted servos. Each elevator panel includes a built-in recess to encapsulate each servo.
  • Ample room and easy access for any radio installation, ignition system, fuel / smoke tanks, inspections
  • Plug-in wing panels and detachable bottom cabane.
  • All four wing panels two cabanes are built over supplied jigs. Impossible to build them crooked.
  • All plug-in tubes are 6061-T6, 0.035 thou.
  • All ribs are laser-cut for simplicity and accuracy.
  • Wood struts are factory cut at proper angles for simple installation between the wing panels.
  • All critical attachment points are laser-marked or cut.

  • Building manual with large fonts
  • CAD drawings
  • Building pictures
  • Engine box templates for RCS radial engines
  • Explicit building sketches
  • Full-scale alignment and shaping templates for critical area
  • Info CD
  • 36 wide Plotter-printed CAD building plans and references
  • DVD movie/video of the actual building process from start to covering.
  • One more innovation from us.

Most two-winged aircrafts have a top and bottom cabane. Top wing cabane alignment as always been a problem, not anymore!
  • We supply a "Laser-Cut" Top Cabane Jig that eliminates any possible errors while building and ensures that the six factory- welded main steel struts are in perfect alignment.
  • Don't be fooled: The Top Cabane does require a jig for perfect alignment, be it a Waco or anything else.
  • Special Cabane Jig Included.
    Left: With the JigRight: Without the Jig.
  • Using this jig, an innovation of Team amr, top cabane alignment is as simple as 1-2-3.
  • No one on this planet makes it this simple: Period

Flying qualities
  • One flying statement on this beauty has been: "It flies like a glorified Cub"
  • With its low wing and cubic loading, it takes-off in a scale manner or you can make it "jump" from short fields.
  • Very predictable in turns and excellent wind penetration. Stall speed is ridiculously low with no tendency to tip-stall.
  • Aerobatics are like the real one: A real attention getter.
  • Landings are impressive, especially when you hear the "wind" from the struts and flying wires
  • There is a saying: "There is nothing like a bipe" and its true.
  • You may have put in the past your fascination aside to build a bipe
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